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Join nearly 200 spring and metalstamping companies in the New England region dedicated to promoting the interests and future of our dynamic industry! With educational events, networking, legislative & policy information, and workforce training opportunities, members have access to a unique set of resources to help their businesses thrive.

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Riverside Investment Services

136 Riverside Avenue, Bristol, CT 06010

P: 860-314-0423 | F: 860-314-0450

Contact: Thomas O. Barnes, Jr.

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Employee Name: Alyssa Palmieri   

Company: MW Industries/Economy Spring 

Position: Sales Engineer

Years in Industry: 2.5 years


Job Description: 

  • Manage new and existing customer accounts with the capability of uncovering and identifying new business opportunities. 
  • Obtain an understanding of customer needs, design, processes, and value drivers.
  • Gain necessary knowledge to properly estimate product costs in order to prepare customer qaluotes.
  • Work to understand the design and engineering behind the products with capabilities of interpreting technical drawings and product specifications.
  • Achieve an understanding of the manufacturing processes involved in order to produce company products.
  • Works with Purchasing team to understand cost factors related to material and component purchases.
  • Establish relationships with Customer Service team in order to comprehend typical customer to business communications and needs.
  • Learn the Quality function as it relates to testing, product tolerances, documentation, certification and ISO compliance where applicable. 
  • Gain fundamental knowledge of other support functions, such as Accounting, IT and HR.
  • Involved and help with marketing initiatives for MW Industries.


Education/training background:

2 years community college, associate’s degree in engineering science; 3 years at Rochester Institute of Technology, Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering; 1 year of co-op/internship experience during college.


How you got into the mfg industry:

Engineering positions are highly manufacturing based. We gain experience with manufacturing through internships/co-ops, as well as within senior project work.


Favorite part about your job:

Meeting new people and being able to help customers out on engineering and design, as well as traveling for the position.


Why would you recommend getting into the mfg field:

Great team work, interesting and fun to understand how something is made, great career and many opportunities throughout the world in manufacturing


Suggestions for how an interested person can pursue a job similar to yours: (ex pre-requisite jobs, helpful training or certifications, good experience to have etc)

  1. Shadow in high school
  2. Internships/co-ops
  3. Marketing experience
  4. Engineering experience