Career Paths

The spring and metal stamping industry employs thousands of people across the New England region. There is a diverse range of opportunities available in areas such as engineering, production, quality, sales, marketing and finance. If you are interested in a career in manufacturing or wondering how to get started, we invite you to read the below biographies on just a few of the professionals working in our industry today.


Employee Name: Alyssa Palmieri   

Company: MW Industries/Economy Spring 

Position: Sales Engineer

Years in Industry: 2.5 years


Employee Name: Dane Hoeffer 

Company: Sirois Tool Co., Inc.

Position: Quality Manager

Years in Industry: 29 years in Manufacturing


Employee Name: Krystal Kraus   

Company: FENN LLC 

Position: Controller   

Years in Industry: 9 years in Manufacturing








Employee NameLynette Proch

Company: Sirois Tool Co., Inc.

Position: Gage Designer

Years in Industry: 7 Years in Manufacturing



Employee Name: Cheryl L DiPinto 

Company: Sirois Tool Co., Inc. 

Position: Human Resource Manager, Director of Safety 

Years in Industry: 19 year in Manufacturing