Career Paths

The spring and metal stamping industry employs thousands of people across the New England region. There is a diverse range of opportunities available in areas such as engineering, production, quality, sales, marketing and finance. If you are interested in a career in manufacturing or wondering how to get started, we invite you to read the below biographies on just a few of the professionals working in our industry today.


Employee Name: Krystal Kraus   

Company: FENN LLC 

Position: Controller   

Years in Industry: 9 years in Manufacturing

Job Description:  


  • Maintain a documented system of Accounting and HR policies and procedures
  • Oversee the staff accountant and manage day to day operations
  • Mentor accounting staff towards future goals and success


  • Ensure that all accounts payable and receivable transactions are processed accurately and timely
  • Ensure payroll is processed accurately
  • Maintain a system of controls for accounting transactions
  • Maintain the chart of accounts and reconcile as necessary
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Job Cost
  • Inventory
  • Monthly journal entries required to complete close
  • Balance shipments to revenue and make sure revenue is claimed at the correct time
  • Run credit checks on potential customers
  • Process credit card payments
  • Issue timely and complete financial statements
  • Manage and help to prepare the annual budget
  • Calculate variances to the budget and report as necessary
  • Provide financial analysis as requested by the President, CEO or CFO
  • Coordinate with the external auditors for the annual audit
  • Comply with local, state and federal reporting requirements

Understand the financial implications to the business based on status of payments/shipments

Assist in making financial decisions for the business


How I got into the Industry: I think like many people, I got into the industry by chance. After working as a supervisor payroll company for 9 years, I applied for a position at an aerospace parts manufacturer and was fortunate enough to get the position. While I started out as a payroll administrator, I was then promoted to junior accountant, and staff accountant, before finally being promoted to controller at my current company.  Through these roles,  I learned the “in’s and out’s” of the business, and came to learn about elements that are specific to manufacturing based financials, such as job cost and production expenses.  I am proud to know that each role in my career helped prepare me for where I am today.  

Favorite part of Job:   Many people would probably be surprised to learn that my job varies a lot everyday. Because I have the opportunity to be involved in so many aspects of the business, I may be doing anything from preparing financial statements to working on letters of credit, ensuring inventory access, or improving ERP processes and procedures, all in one week. The variance keeps it fun and engaging.

Would you recommend working in the industry and why:   I have had” the pleasure of working for a company where I can directly see the impact I have on the business every single day. I love knowing that I play an integral role in the company’s success instead of just being a “cog in a wheel”. I would recommend anyone to consider working in the industry because it’s a great opportunity to have a fulfilling, challenging and enjoyable career.

Suggestions on where to start if interested (training, education, etc.):   I personally did not have any formal accounting education, but rather spent many years building my skillset on the job. I attribute the success in my job now to starting from the bottom and truly working my way up. By starting at the bottom, I was able to learn every role, and every facet of the financial side of things. Today, I can honestly say I know the business inside and out because I have done every other financial job previously. My story proves that it is truly possible to go far through hard work, dedication, a great attitude and a willingness to learn.